Criminal Law Solicitors

If you're in trouble or accused of a criminal offence, it is vital that you seek proper legal representation at the earliest possible opportunity so that your lawyer can protect your rights and build you the best possible defence.

Our criminal law solicitors provide professional legal advice to clients involved in the criminal justice system ranging from advice before police interviews to court representation. Call our office in Ilford now for ore information.
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Criminal law specialists

Being accused of a criminal offence can be an extremely daunting and distressing experience that may have far reaching consequences on you and your family. You risk losing your good character and reputation, your family, your career and even your liberty. That is why it is vital that you recruit an experienced criminal law solicitor like the lawyers in our team in Ilford as early as possible.

Your legal right

It is your legal right to a have a solicitor free of charge while you are at the police station. You can use your own solicitor or ask for a duty solicitor. It doesn't matter how much money you have as this service is not means tested - it's free for everyone.

Be proactive

It is vital to obtain specialist representation at the earliest possible stage, as advice provided and decisions taken then, could have a significant bearing on what happens next.

Putting the best team in place and taking immediate proactive steps, such as gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, obtaining CCTV and instructing experts, to defend the allegations and making representations to the prosecution in advance of their decision to charge, could potentially affect the decision to prosecute.

The process

Our service is diplomatic, confidential and adapted to protecting your reputation whatever the situation.

If you are charged, you will be asked to appear before a magistrates' court. This is where less serious offences (for example, minor criminal damage, or speeding offences) are tried. There is no jury at a magistrates' court.

If your case is more serious or complex, or you have requested trial by jury, your case could be sent to a crown court.

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Your solicitor will advise you about your options to plead guilty or not guilty to the charge. They will advise you about the likely sentence you may face if you plead, or are found, guilty.

If you are pleading not guilty, your solicitor will make sure that you understand the legal procedures and help you to prepare your side of the case, so that you can have a fair trial. You will be assisted to understand the evidence that the police and prosecution are presenting against you, and will gather any evidence that supports your case.

We can help by contacting witnesses or seeking expert reports to challenge the evidence against you. We have a good network of top criminal barristers - who will present your case in the court.

If you plead or are found guilty, we can help you by gathering and presenting material to the court pointing out any mitigating circumstances and explanations to persuade the court to reduce sentences and fines.

Our solicitors are here for you

Orchid Solicitors make the legal process simple and straight forward by providing high quality advice and representation in all criminal law matters. If you would like more advice or to book a consultation please contact our team at our office in Ilford at the details below.

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